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08 August 2011 @ 12:05 am
"If our history is a shadow, let this moment serve as light"  

I don't even remember the first time I saw one of Nadya Kwandibens' photos. I just remember loving her work immediately. As a former art student, it was everything I'd wanted to create once and then some. I've vaguely kept track of what she's up to. What has always impressed me as much as her work is her 'Why'. 'Why' she does things - and when I spotted this on her tumblr page and thought it was a beautiful expression of that.

I can't spend a lot of money to go see her or to buy all of the photos I'd like (although I've bought some of them for sure). But what I can do is continue to support her and try and show all of you what makes her work so special. So please, check her website out, 'Like' Red Works Studio on Facebook, and keep track of her. I predict someday she'll be listed among the greatest of Canadian photographers.

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